Strategies to Transform the Health Industry- Shifting to a Whole Health System of Care

CHI Health Care’s strategy for large scale systems shifts began in 2013 with a grant funded pilot project to create an innovative community health care center in a fledgling version of a “Whole Health” system of care. At the time we called it Value Based Integrative Primary Care.

Evidence is growing that a Whole Health system of care provides foundational solutions to key structural problems in our health industry and healthcare economy. In doing so, it moves the country toward a new health paradigm incentivized by health, instead of disease treatment-only after it has occurred. The successful shift in paradigm transcends the industry of healthcare and takes social innovation to scale across local, community, state and national levels of finance, government, news, entertainment, social media, corporate and non-profit organizations, and more.

Whole Health is already taking hold in the government, private/employer, and non-profit health sectors at an accelerating pace. CHI Health Care’s end goal is a transformation of the social construct of health and healthcare in America creating a new paradigm of care for the entire country. 

CHI’s Strategic Plan – Using Emergence to Take Social Innovation to Scale

CHI Health Care’s mission and five year strategic goal is to catalyze comprehensive health systems change in America, at scale. Using well established applications of system dynamics and health systems engineering based on a processes that have been successfully applied in other industries, CHI Health Care is strategically engaging high leverage health sector stakeholders and influencers in a collaborative process designed to shift the nation’s health paradigm. This process is known as Emergence

What is Emergence?

CHI team member Sandy Wiggins explains how he applied the Emergence process to the construction industry to launch the Green Building movement nationally and internationally making Leed certification the standard for the government and construction industry.

How Emergence Works to Change Complex Systems at Scale