CHI Health Care


Catalyzing Core Change in Healthcare

The Health Care System in America is in Crisis 

Accelerating economic and social forces are making a core shift in the nation’s health system inevitable. It Must Change.  

The question is whether it will be through an uncontrolled freefall or a planned and thoughtful paradigm shift to a sustainable, health-focused, accessible system of care.  

Many believe the U.S. healthcare industry is too complex, fragmented, and filled with competing self-interests for change to occur at a fundamental level. CHI Health Care believes the system can change and there is ample evidence that it already is with emerging and promising comprehensive innovative systems in both the private and government sectors.  

Our Mission and Vision 

CHI Health Care’s mission is to catalyze core change toward a comprehensive healthcare system that fosters optimal health for all populations. A system that is person-centered and meets the country’s needs at the individual, family, community, public health and population health levels with an economically sustainable Whole Health system of care.   CHI Health Care’s work is focused on the creation of an economic infrastructure that reinforces health creation and preservation, and supports a shift away from our country’s predominant reactive mindset of treating sickness only after it has taken hold.  

CHI believes fundamental health systems change, on a national scale, can occur and that a tipping point of forces are aligning now for that to happen. We believe a vetted systems approach, as applied successfully in other industries, can direct and catapult that change forward.   



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