Our Practitioners

Although CHI no longer provides clinical care, many of our former patients have asked for information on the current whereabouts of their favorite CHI Providers:

* AIME ADAMS, Acupuncturist – http://www.OmMedicineMountain.com – aime@ommedicinemountain.com / 703.579.7606

* JANA BENICKA, Licensed Massage Therapist – http://www.benicka-massage.com – jana@benicka-massage.com / 205.336.1115

* KATHLEEN BYRNE, M.D. – Dr. Byrne and her family have moved to Pennsylvania. She anticipates starting up a primary practice there in 2020.

* SANDRA (SANDY) COLVARD, ND, FABNO, Naturopathic Doctor – Dr. Colvard has moved to San Diego, CA and is now providing Naturopathic Medicine in-person and virtually through Nourish Medical Center in San Diego. If you have seen Dr. Colvard in the past, when you call Nourish for an appointment, please let the receptionist know that you are a former patient of hers. This way, you will not be required to pay the rate for a new patient visit, and can see her under the established patient rates. Appointments can be made by calling 619-345-3111 or on https://www.nourishmedicalcenter.com/ 

* KISHA DAVIS, M.D. – Dr. Kisha Davis is now a Regional Medical Director with Aledade. In this role she will be supporting primary care practices to help them take better care of their patients. She is not currently seeing patients. If you miss hearing her voice you can catch up on the podcast she co-hosts with her sister Dr. Maya Green called “The Sisters Will See You Now”.

* MARYLYNN GONSALVES, Family Nurse Practitioner at Comprehensive Primary Care, Medical Center Drive, Rockville – https://comprehensiveprimarycare.com – 301.738.0300

* MICHELLE LISENBEE, RN, HNB-BC – Certified Holistic Nurse, Nurse Care Coordinator / Artist / Massage Therapist – Michelle is pursuing her love of art by working at The Queen’s Ink in Savage, Maryland and showing her own art in various art shows (see her Etsy and Facebook pages), and volunteering at Respite Retreats. Michelle just passed the Holistic Baccalaureate Nursing Certification Examination, making her an Holistic Baccalaureate Nurse, Board Certified.

* ALI PEREZ, Chiropractor in Bethesda – http://www.bethesdachiroandacu.com – dr.aperezdc@gmail.com / 301.960.8470

* ERICA PIED, MS, RD, LDN, Registered Dietitian & Founder
It Takes a Village Nutrition, LLC – erika@itavn.com / 240-224-2953 / ItTakesAVillageNutrition.com

* SARAH POTTHOFF, Chiropractor – Sarah is not currently in a clinical practice but is teaching group rehab/movement classes on the pelvic floor https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/ASP/main_enroll.asp…. She is also working as a Chiropractor at the VA Hospital in DC.

* JISUN RYU, Acupuncturist in Bethesda – http://www.bethesdachiroandacu.com – jisun.ryu.acu@gmail.com / 607.423.6393

* JIWOON RYU, Chiropractor – jiwoon.ryu.dc@gmail.com / 607.423.0452

* LAURIE WILLIAMS, Health Coach – https://www.pointperformance.com – lwilliams@pointperformance.com / 301.244.9099

Dr. Williams is now the Chief Medical Officer of West Cecil Health Center in Conowingo, Maryland. Dr. Williams anticipates being able to see patients at that location soon. Please contact the clinic for information.  www.westcecilhealth.org – 410.378.9696.