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Personal Information You Provide Through the Site

Any personal information you provide, such as in email requests to CHI Health Care, subscribing to email newsletters, completing forms and creating user accounts for use of the class registration system and for access to the Electronic Medical Record Portal is all confidential and will never be disseminated by CHI Health Care for any purpose whatsoever.

General information that is collected by CHI Health Care can include: the web site from which a user has connected, the user’s browser type, the date and time of a visit and the pages viewed. This information may be aggregated or analyzed in order to improve the web site and services provided by CHI Health Care.

Private Medical Information

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act — HIPAA — became a law in 1996 and requires that all health care providers and health insurance plans must comply with its terms defining the use of patient information. HIPAA applies only to patients who are registered at CHI Health Care.  Read CHI Health Care’s Notice_of_Privacy_Practices for more information.

HIPAA addresses two major major areas:

  • Privacy: Establishes rules regarding how your health information may be used and disclosed.
  • Security: Defines specific security measures to protect health information that is sent and/or stored electronically.