Our Mission

CHI Health Care’s mission is to champion exceptional integrative health care through collaboration and innovation.

Our Vision

Health and healing are the guiding forces in health care.

Our Journey

CHI Health Care, established in 2013, is a non-profit  501 (c) 3 health care organization, that created and piloted a new model of care that challenged the traditional health system and its practices.

CHI was founded on the belief that health and wellness are best achieved by offering patients and their loved ones a comprehensive, team based, highly coordinated care. CHI piloted a model that is an intensively collaborative blending of high tech western medicine together with a wide array evidence based “high touch, low tech” healing disciplines, as well as nutrition and lifestyle education and coaching.  CHI’s team model included primary care, clinical psychology, naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, chiropractic, integrative nutrition, health coaching, massage therapy, yoga therapy, and energy healing. Integrated into our personalized care plans, these services were designed to heal and strengthen the mind, body, and spirit of each individual, while enhancing quality of life and helping each patient to achieve their personal health goals.

Importantly, CHI was piloted on the principle that health care is better served by a payment system that rewards quality of care and outcomes, better known as Value Based Care. This is different than the more common Fee for Service payment system which incentivizes high numbers of visits and procedures over quality and accountability.

The CHI Health Care model places a high priority on spending time with patients to truly get to know them. There is growing evidence that shows when practitioners build a strong, consistent relationship with their patients, health outcomes are markedly better. It takes time to get to know someone’s fears, hopes, goals, challenges, support systems, environment, and community. From this comprehensive perspective, optimal health is created through a patient/practitioner partnership  that inspires one toward health rather than dictates checklists about health in ways they may find alienating or impossible to follow.

We found our model could “bend the cost curve” of rising health care costs while at the same time our practitioners experienced less feelings of “burn out” and higher fulfillment. They could do more of what they were trained to do practicing in a way that was patient centered, relationship based, and highly collaborative.

The data we collected during our 6 year pilot demonstrated that 95% of patients were highly satisfied with our care and that our patients used fewer urgent care services, less prescription medication, and a had lower hospital admission and readmission rates compared to comparable conventional practices.

CHI Health Care is passionate about continuing its mission to transform healthcare.  We are moving forward with a wealth of information about how to implement and operationalize innovative models of care.  Now that our clinical pilot has ended,  we are focusing our time and energy on educating the policy makers and healthcare influencers about the need for broader access to like mind-minded models of care and payment reforms that necessary for these models to be sustainable.

Board of Directors

Ilana Bar-Levav, MD

Co-founder, CHI Health Care
Bethesda, MD

David Fogel, MD

Co-founder & President, CHI Health Care
Bethesda, MD

Tom Granatir

Sr. Vice President, American Board of Medical Specialties
Chicago, IL

Debbie Schwartz

Sr. V.P., Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
Chevy Chase, MD

John Siegler, MBA

Managing Director, Cascadia Capital, LLC
Seattle, WA